Engineering: applied science with a focus on technologies, procedures, methods and applications. This is a core competence to which we are fully committed: an area of activities gaining increasingly in significance in this day and age, particularly when it comes to quality assurance. This is why we have geared our engineering services to this focus, handled by numerous parts of the company that have both direct and indirect points of contact with quality assurance.

This service is offered to companies as a tailor-made solution. Either we take on sub-projects in the context of work contracts, or we deal with the whole job on your behalf. These (sub-)projects are carried out pursuant to pertinent standards and coordinated individually to the specific customer requirements.

If the skilled workers you need are to be integrated directly in your company processes, we also offer the possibility of hiring temporary staff. Given the complexity of the engineering tasks, these assignments can be of a medium-term/long-term nature, helping to compensate for fluctuations in personnel capacities so that your company remains flexible. In many cases, hired temporary staff are eventually taken on permanently by the corresponding company.

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