Industrial metrology is the best means of quantifying quality. And given the constant growth in demands made of quality, 3D metrology is becoming an increasingly important instrument for quality assurance. In order to fulfil the high demands, companies need well-trained staff. And this is exactly where GMA provides efficient support: with a highly qualified 3D metrology team that makes us your expert partner when it comes to planning, production, assembly and quality testing.

Areas of application

From prototyping and reverse engineering via tool and assembly inspections through to special applications in the automotive and aviation industry or in the construction of wind turbines, we take on a wide range of measurement tasks with our ultra-advanced metrology systems. We carry out measurements on site with our customers or check the parts for measurement in our own test facility at our Stade site (including air-conditioned measuring room) depending on requirements and possibilities. As well as measuring the geometry, here we can also offer test procedures for general material testing or correspondingly combined tests, in consultation with the customer.



Our Leica laser trackers LTD800 are mobile measuring systems that carry out precise measurements with laser beams within a spherical volume of up to 80 m range. The laser tracker is a mobile coordinate measuring machine that is easily transported and permits high-precision measurements. The integrated laser interferometer carries out measurements quickly and with great precision. Point acquisition is always carried out with a freely moving reflector sphere to scan individual points or whole surfaces in constant contact. In addition, our T-Probes also offer more particular recording possibilities.


The revolutionary T-Probe by Leica permits handheld tactile scanning and testing of inaccessible points. The T-Cam is fitted to the laser tracker to cover the spatial position of the scanning unit (6DOF). The T-Probe can be equipped with a wide range of different scanning heads and is a frequently used tool with a measuring range of up to 15 m. The T-Probe is a walk-around solution for scanning and testing even concealed points without any restrictions from mechanical arms and cables. Particularly in complex machines or parts, this measuring system permits a highly flexible recording process with its high-precision quick release and scanner self identification.