Materials testing encompasses a wide range of test methods for ascertaining the behaviour and material characteristics of standardised material samples (material analysis) or finished parts (part testing) under mechanical, thermal or chemical loads.

GMA-Werkstoffprüfung.GmbH is a service company accredited and certified pursuant to the guidelines of the European regulations with many years of experience in materials testing, quality assurance and acceptance.

We thus guarantee continuity on a high level of quality, with the security and reliability of a comprehensively operating specialist with acknowledged competence and experience.

As an accredited business (DIN ES ISO 17025) and aviation company (EASA Part 145), our activities extend to project-related tasks in the quality assurance of components for the aerospace industry, power stations, pipelines, plant construction and automotive engineering, together with the monitoring of tests and processes worldwide.

Thanks to our versatile, innovative testing possibilities for both non-destructive and destructive materials testing, our customers are provided with all testing services completely from a single source.