GMA-Werkstoffprüfung.GmbH – with headquarters in Düsseldorf – was founded in 1984 as "Gesellschaft für Material-Abnahme" (GMA – company for material acceptance) and has developed through to today to become Germany's market leader in quality assurance/materials testing. We are accredited pursuant to the guidelines of the European regulations (DIN EN ISO 17025 /EASA PART 145) and our activities cover project-related work for industrial plants and power stations, production facilities and supplier businesses for the automotive and aerospace industry.

Based on our test centres and laboratories we offer an outstanding network of experts for solving problems in testing technology. Thanks to our versatile innovative testing possibilities in non-destructive and destructive materials testing as well as metallography and image analysis, our customers receive all test services completely from a single source.

Our test methods can be used flexibly on construction sites, with customers and in our modern test centres, thanks to state-of-the-art technology in our test centres and equally in our operations vehicles. In this way, we can react individually to customer requirements and develop fast, efficient solutions accordingly. Turning challenges into solutions.

The CFRP test centre in Stade underlines our specialist focus on test methods for carbon fibre reinforced products. Furthermore, GMA-Werkstoffprüfung.GmbH is an active member of the CFRP competence network called "CFK Valley Stade e.V." and the ideal partner for quality assurance and testing in the CFRP production chain.

Our tasks in quality assurance extend from planning activities through to quality engineering, including for example source inspection or procurement quality.

In addition, we also carry out acceptance procedures for example, in cooperation with technical inspection agencies.